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Selecting and Hiring a wedding photographer is an important investment in making memories of your special day last forever. Planning takes so much time and your time is just as valuable to me, therefore I only allow a few bookings a year to justify time and attention to my clients and their products.

Ray Alvarez and his team make: Weddings By Ray. Some call us story tellers. New York is home and we cover many weddings here, but we also travel the country and different nations all the time, in the name of love.

We guarantee a day full of laughter, fantastic photographs and memories on a day that can be so blurry. As a team, we craft beautiful images and romantic cinematics that will wow your family and guests of the wedding. We shoot in unison and we vow to never be in the way or be pushy.

We make sure to capture love, laugh and romance while also letting you and your partner be yourselves. We shoot photo-journalistic/documentary style. Using many techniques, we capture the essence and the “real” moments of who, you two are. Candids are our favorites. Not only do we focus on you guys “the couple”, but we pay close attention the smiles, tears and memorable moments of your friends, family and guests of the event.

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Here is to your day! Let us tell your story

Real Moments, Real Weddings, Real Views

Take a look at all of the fun, sad, happy, candid and real moments captured from various different weddings.

Hopefully it gives you a glimpse thru the lens of Ray Alvarez.

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Your wedding, your day

So now that you saw what a day consists of from all of our previous beautiful couples.. let’s create yours. As we said before, New York is home but we go everywhere, anywhere you need us. Let’s talk. Click here to be directed to our contact form.