Jilian & Casey - Ithaca Wedding Photographer - Firelights at Ithaca

Although for the most part I cover huge celebrations, this little family gathering was quite fun for me.

Ithaca by Firelight Camps is a Glamping experience like never before. I learned this was a special place Casey's Dad loved to visit. Jilian and Casey had some history here as well, so why not get married where your heart is. Rain all day will not stop these two from saying I do. The lighting was perfect, the atmosphere was settling and they always say rain means good luck. 

I've seen some excited Groom's in my career, but Casey was ecstatic to finally see and marry his Bride. This was truly a special day for him. Once he did see his Bride, something he kept asking all night was "Isn't she beautiful?" to all of his guests and family members. I try to convey feeling and emotion in my photography. I must say it clearly shows the amount of passion and love they have for one another. Enjoy.

Venue: Ithaca by Firelight Camps