Jenn + Chris - Married 19th Century Style at the Genesee Country Village & Museum in Mumford, New York - Rochester Wedding Photographer - Rochester Weddings

When you think "Museum" you picture still exhibits and a walk-through in a building full of interesting artifacts and history. In this case, I covered a wedding in a "living" museum. Once you pass the admission gates you enter a different world, we rewind back into time. It's the 19th Century and here I am doing "street photography" in the Genesee Country Village & Museum. I saw the village blacksmith hammering hot iron, a young girl playing with stilts and a local pharmacist hurry on to his store.

A few of the locals were sitting on their front porches and a few were gathering for the events of the big day, Jenn & Chris that is. Overlooking the village green is the Brooks Cove Church. A beautiful Greek Revival Style Church where the ceremonies took place. Once the 1880s Pump Organ played its last note and the church bells rang, Jenn & Chris went off in a horse drawn carriage. 

The party went into the night at the Exhibition Barn. Overall it was a pleasure covering Jenn & Chris's special day. The moonshine was tasty, your family and friends were great and I am sure your family is now complete.

Venue: Genesee Country Village & Museum
Photography: Ray Alvarez & Casey Russell