Amber & Ben's Royal Wedding at The Belhurst Castle in Geneva New York + Finger Lakes Wedding Photographer

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle weren't the only ones hosting a Royal Wedding on May 19th.

I knew I was in for some photo improvising, when I was getting ready to head out that Saturday morning. All I can hear is rain falling, and it was coming down heavy. Rain means good luck to the bride and groom, but truthfully it gets in the way of me performing my duties. So like the Kids Nurseries say: Rain Rain Go Away..

Once I touched town in Ovid, New York, the rain had stopped and we had wet muddy grass along with an overcast sky. The sky wasn't bad, and I guess we could deal with the muddy grass. The idea was that important photos would take place on the lawn at The Belhurst Castle. Once Amber and her bridesmaids arrived at her Prep location, slowly but surely the sun started peeking from behind the clouds. 

I love visiting the Finger Lakes Region, it's always fascinating to see all of the people launching boats and visitors from all over come and enjoy the scenery and fresh air. Once the sun burned through the clouds and the day gained a full blue sky, there was nothing to be worried about. I knew we would then capture some amazing photos for Amber and Ben.

Out of all of the places and out of all the dates on the calendar, Saturday May 19th was the perfect day for Amber & Ben to get married. Chris Washburn (DJ), did his thing at The Belhurst and made sure Amber & Ben enjoyed every single second of their party. With that I bring to you the photos the team at "Weddings By Ray" produced. Enjoy.

Photographers: Ray Alvarez & Casey Russell
Venue: The Belhurst Castle
Entertainment/Photobooth: Washburn Entertainment