Melissa & Lance Rustic Wedding at Atomic Toms in Binghamton New York

From the quiet suburban area of Hillcrest, to the beautiful hills of Vestal back to Artists Row in Downtown Binghamton; Melissa and Lance had the time of their lives on one of the most important days to them. A custom and beautifuly decorated Atomic Tom's Gallery was the choice for the venue, along with a Cocktail reception in the next room. 

Melissa & Lance are gamers by night and dentists by profession. I added a bit of a oral look to some of the images in the highlights below. The Bride & Groom both looking their best had very unique and quite funny vows for one another during the ceremony. I've never experienced a crowd chuckle so much. Lance's family very well oriented with Asian tradition, and Melissa and one of the greatest gowns I've seen. The reception had a range of dancy music (great playlist) and a perfect atmosphere for a few special drinks of the night and some Hors d'oeuvres. With a nice theme, along with a hint of Cats since both seem to share that passion. In the middle of a reception a random sick looking alleycat joined the guests right under a cart near the entrance. Sadly, the cat passed the very next day but it was a nice touch to this wedding. To summarize, I had a great time with Melissa and Lance, they are truly a fun, and very very funny lovely couple.