You've captured my memories, now how to store them?

One of the most important items you should worry about in your wedding package is the storage device. This is an important item in your wedding package. You must ask yourself, How would you like to receive your images and how to store them forever...

In today's age, CD's are becoming almost obsolete. However, we still have couples who enjoy a well put together disc in it's custom case. Below you will see the 3 formats you can obtain your images. Followed by the many different product options. With ANY package you choose, all photos delivered to you will always be in high resolution format and come with print rights. This is exactly what is needed to eventually print your photos with a printer of your choice.

Photo Distribution Options

Digital Format

  • High Res Download - With Print Options

Disc Format

  • Standard Disc
  • Luxury Custom Disc & Case
  • Custom Disc & Case Duo Upgrade

USB Format

  • Custom Wooden USB
  • Luxury Acrylic Slide USB
  • Signature Lux USB

(Digital Format)

High Res Download w/ Print Options

This option was made for the minimal "techy" couples and for those on a tight budget. This choice will give you the option to download your entire gallery from your wedding via a secure link. You are also given a link to an online gallery where you can purchase prints directly from our photo lab vendor.

(Disc Format)

Standard Disc

Not techy? No problem. All of your high resolution photos will be burned onto this standard "Memorex Brand Disc". 


Luxury Custom CD & Case - With Option to Upgrade to DUO

For the couples that prefer a CD, in this beautifully custom designed case and disc print to match the theme of your wedding.

(USB Format) Custom Wooden USB

A beautiful wooden box encasing a smaller wooden USB stick. Both the cover of the box and the top side of the USB case are printed with a custom design of your choice.  The design will be worked on and proofed virtually by us to you before production.

(USB Format) Luxury Acrylic Slide USB

Receive you photos in style. Custom engraving or full color print on an acrylic USB. Encased in a White or Black slide out box. 

(USB Format) Signature Lux USB

This USB box is fully customizable. Start off by choosing the genuine leather or linen wrap around (different colors). Followed by a design to be engraved, then the pattern inside. The outside can be finalized with the choice of an Initial Cameo.. or Picture Cameo. The USB inside will be the acrylic USB shown above.