Packages & Pricing

Hiring a photographer is an important investment in making memories of your special day last forever. Planning takes so much time and your time is just as valuable to me, therefore I only allow a few bookings a year to justify time and attention to my clients and their products.

Coverage starts at $2600 and includes a complimentary engagement session. I am currently accepting bookings for 2019 and beyond. My rate is plain and simple with no hidden costs and taxes included.

Weddings By Ray

Ray Alvarez and a team of wedding Photographers make: Weddings By Ray, some call us story tellers. New York is home and we cover many weddings here, but we also travel the country and different nations in the name of love.

We guarantee a day full of laughter, fantastic photographs and memories on a day that can be so blurry. As a team, together we craft beautiful images and romantic cinematics that will wow your family and guests of the wedding. We shoot in unison and we are never in the way.

We like to make sure we capture love, laugh and romance while also letting you and your partner be yourselves. We shoot photo-journalistic/documentary style. While we can instruct/pose and help in that manor, we usually follow different natural techniques in getting the best photos out of you "the couple".

Communication is key in any relationship. Let's start with just that. We make it very simple to reach us: E-mail, Facebook, Instagram or even via a Phone Call/Video Chat. 

Here is to your day! Let us tell your story

About Ray Alvarez

I am an experienced traveling photographer from New York. I shoot weddings from the beautiful suburbs of New York to the wonderful boroughs of New York City. I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. I would love to introduce myself to you as your potential photographer and not only build a professional relationship but also maintain it to capture your future memories.

My job and of course passion is to capture images of your significant day and make them last forever. I am an outgoing and friendly person, I always bring new ideas to the table while welcoming any thoughts and ideas you may have. I promise we will share a ton of laughs and I will make it my duty to make your day stress free along with documenting every moment. I work with everyone and all kinds of cultures/religions. I support and am ready to book same sex marriages. It would be an honor to work with you and your partner on the day of your matrimony.

About Casey Russell

Casey a retired Veteran who found photography as a hobby and turned it into a passion. Starting as a studio photographer, he enjoys to shape and make light to enhance his photos and set them apart from the others. He is a light hearted goofy guy who loves to meet new people and make them smile with his sarcastic humor and witty comebacks. Together with Ray we make your special day amazing and capture all those memories from start to finish!