How long have you been a photographer?

I've been working in photography for 5+ years now with a decade of experience with visual art and design which contributes tremendously to capture my final image.

I'm afraid to book you because you're too far away

No worries. I am a traveling photographer, and most photographers are too. Traveling is not an issue, and there are no additional fees for it.


Visual is everything. The first thing you see when you land on my website are photos. If you don't like the photos, then you wouldn't inquire, right?

I love to capture natural photos. When I edit, I implement my style. Rest assured, your photos will look natural and will not have any HEAVY editing to it. Only certain portraits will include certain color effects and alterations. We work together to make sure your photos look just like you want them :)

Do you have assistants, second photographers available?

Yes. I've worked with my second photographer for 3+ years now. We shoot in unison and there is no difference in style or quality.

Will be videos/photos be on social media or be posted without my permission?

Never. I always ask first. If this is something you prefer not to share. I would be fine with it. 

Equipment? What gear do you use? Do you have backup equipment?

I shoot Nikon. My lighting and several other accessories are different brands. I promise I am using professional equipment to successfully go through the day and provide you with quality images. 

Insurance? What is that, this website says I am supposed to ask you?

Insurance protects both you and I, as well as my gear. We're covered. I have certificates for venue's that inquire about insurance.

Can I give you my shotlist?

Of course! Remember, I am yours for the day and will never stop shooting. Although I am sure to come up with my own ideas, poses and compositions I do welcome Pinterest ideas.

What is your style?

Style is something every person acquires differently. My goal is to provide you with a visual story of your day. Poses, and photos might look alike in many instances from different photographers. But it's the style that personalizes the image. My shooting style will make your photos pop out of the norm. I like to call myself a photojournalist. I document and tell your story throughout the day using a mixture of candid and posed images.

How many photos will I get?

There is no limit to the amount of photos I take within your coverage. I will not stop shooting, but the final amount of images will vary depending the size, location, length of the wedding. For an 8 hour day, you should expect a minimum of 700+ fully edited images.

When do I get all the final images?

A few sneak peeks will be sent at least 24-48 hours after the wedding. After editing and processing you should receive your images 4-8 weeks after your wedding day (during non peak season). If they are ready sooner, you will be notified. If your package includes an album, prints or specialty items, the work will begin as soon as your review the images and are ready for selection. Please allow 3-4 weeks for print once we finalized all specialty items.

Do you edit or retouch/enhance the images?

All final photos are fully edited. That means they will be exposure and color corrected. You will receive all your images in full standard color, black and whites can be added to your final disc for no additional fees. Color effects can be applied to selected images as well. Depending on the package selected you will get a certain amount of photos that can be selected for post production. 


The copyright of the images ALWAYS remains with the photographer, but I license my clients the right to produce the images in any way you wish. The only thing you cannot do with the images is use them for commercial re-sale. I promise I will not sell your images either. Portfolio/Showcasing is all I use them for.

I love your work, and I think you are the photographer I want for my wedding. How can I book you?

I would LOVE to shoot your wedding. Click Here to book me.