What shoes should I buy/wear for my wedding?

I’ve compiled some tips for the soon to be bride when planning/shopping for wedding shoes. Read below to find out what kind of shoe works best or if you prefer to watch the video you can do so below. This advice also applies to bridesmaids and any ladies wearing shoes the day of.

Outdoor or Indoor wedding?

This is the place to start when trying to figure out which shoes to buy/wear. Will your wedding take place outdoors or indoors? Also what will the time of season be for the date of your wedding?

Outdoor Wedding

Think grass, lots of walking (assuming it is an outdoor venue) and comfort.

Are you good with high-heels? If so, the next question to ask yourself is: Can you walk with high-heels on the grass? Most outdoor weddings have beautiful lawns and gardens. There might be a few locations that are “picturesque” and will contain short grass. Sometimes the “outdoorsy” couple would prefer to venture out into the woods and you might have to walk over rough terrain to get to your photo-op location.

If you can’t handle High-Heels, the best option would be Mid-Low Heels or Flat Shoes. Sometimes certain High-Heel shoe brands come with “High-Heel Protectors” to avoid sinking into the grass.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that usually with outdoor venues, comes the large property. Meaning lots of walking, unless a golf cart or vehicle is provided. So if you are OK with being on your feet and walking long distances, consider wearing high-heels.


The good thing about Indoor weddings, is that for the most part, you will be stepping/standing on flat, level, hard surfaces. With this in mind, both High-Heels and Mid-Low heels would work. Again, comfort is key. Sometimes Mid-Low heels or flat shoes work best when your going to be on your feet for a greater part of the day.

Length of your dress

The second important thing to keep in mind: How long is your dress?

This matters why? Well, the whole purpose of wearing fancy and nice looking shoes is for them to be seen. If your Bridal dress covers your feet 99.9% of the time, will it really matter then?

I’ve seen it all. Some Brides don’t care what they wear, and simply care for comfort. Others, have planned months in advance and coordinated their dress with the shoes they choose to wear. If what’s on your feet the day of your wedding, does not matter to you, then comfort is the only thing that matters. Wear what is comfortable to you.

If not. Girl, style those shoes and rock that dress!


To Wear it or Not

At the end of the day, it’s truly about comfort. Wear what you believe is comfortable for you. Whether high-heels, flats or Converse Sneakers. You wear what you feel will work best. Just remember: You will be on your feet all day, you may dance your little heart out, you might be stepping on some grass. If not grass, then you will be doing lots of walking.

Bonus Tip

Lastly, if you are shorter than your significant other, you will probably be OK with wearing any kind of shoes. But! If you are the same size or taller, I would consider wearing flats to keep things, leveled (Lol).

Why did I write about shoes?

Listen, I’m a guy. However, 4 years of witnessing Brides stumble, fall, kick the shoes off and etc.. I thought it was time for me to blog some advice. I hope this information helps and leads to a great decision. Thanks for reading :)