Amanda & Austin Wedding Highlights | Adirondack Wedding Photographer | NYPD Themed Wedding

….Dispatch, we have a 10-8. The Glickman’s are in Service.

Winter Weddings tend to fascinate me. Although this wedding took Place in November (Fall), here in Upstate New York, especially the Adirondack Region, November feels like Winter. Winter Weddings Fascinate me because it truly shows the magical power that Family holds. It’s no longer about the beauty of summer and “Hey, we got invited to a summer wedding” let’s have some fun. It’s “Hey! Amanda & Austin are getting married, we can’t miss it”. Winter Weddings prove what family is all about and how people are willing to travel hundreds of miles, on the icy roads of New York State, to see you marry the one you love and celebrate your unity.

Austin is absolutely proud to be an emergency responder serving the EMT Field and also as a Police Officer in the City of New York. Amanda, also an EMT, loves what she does. As Austin once told me “This is the Life we live”. Now, as a married couple, together they can watch over each other. I’ve put together a little highlight video full of images to portray the day. Click play and step into their day for a brief moment. You can scroll down and watch the day through the images I posted below. I write this on Christmas Eve, and if this something you celebrate… I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Amanda & Austin, congrats to the both of you. Make sure to watch each other’s Six and Thank you for your service to our communities.